Installation : 'Musical Machines'

The concept of this installation, to be shown at the Lewis Elton art gallery, is to play on the auditory fatigue present when the ear is exposed to persistent noise from machines. The mind filters this noise, and over time, the mechanical tones are separated from it. The series of notes can morph into chords.
These chords do not conform to western tonal harmony (twelve note scale), instead very microtonal and quite emotively descriptive.

This was acheived by dynamically EQing to remove noise, which blurs the depth and detail of the chord. Taking away this noise makes the sound so vivid, so intense. It is almost like you are going inside the machines, and distilling their essence.

The objective, other than to appreciate the tonality of the machines, it is to make the listener aware that they are consciously blocking out sounds, and instead of turning off, to turn on and listen to the sounds, as sometimes, there are some intriguing and beautiful tones present. It agrees with, but questions Schafer's LoFi/HiFi attitude on acoustic ecology and common attitudes.

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